Hey Everybody,

Happy New Year!  As 2020 rolls out in full steam, the world of Cybersecurity is still on the minds of people worldwide.  There are many hot button issue topics, one of them being that in terms of data privacy, especially that of GDPR.

But what is all about? What are is its ramifications?  How does a business get fined?

Find out more in this podcast, such as:

*What is the definition of GDPR and where did it come from?

*What is the governing body that enforces it?

*What are the fines?

*Who really needs to be concerned about it? (also discuss implications of CCPA as well)

*What are the major tenets of GDPR?

*Trends in technology that will help GDPR;

*Final recommendations associated with data protection and action steps to be taken.

In this podcast, we will be interviewing Greg Johnson, CEO of Webcheck Security. Stay ahead of the compliance game and learn more about it will all impact your business by listening into this podcast!!!https://www.blogtalkradio.com/apollobiometrics/2020/01/03/learn-more-about-the-impacts-of-the-gdpr