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Even with the sheer, dominating presence of COVID19, and all of the security issues that have come with it, it is also very important to keep in mind that there are other Cyber related threats out there as well that are still lurking.  For instance, there is still Ransomware, other types of Phishing attacks, and yes, even Social Engineering is now becoming much prevalent given the advent of Robo based calls that are now taking place.

But there, is another threat yet that is also still coming about, which does not receive too much press attention yet.  That is the Bot.  What are they exactly, and how do they pose a threat?  Listen in today’s podcast.  We interview Sam Crowther, the Founder of Kasada.

Headed up by 24-year-old founder Sam Crowther, cyber-security startup Kasada raised USD 7 million at the end of 2019 with CIA backed In-Q-Tel as its latest investor to continue protecting large Australian, British, and US companies from malicious automation.

Founded in 2015, Kasada provides a solution that helps organisations protect from user account takeovers, fraud, data scraping and other disruptive attacks.

Kasada uses dynamic cyber-resilient technology to detect automation from the very first page load request with unprecedented accuracy even for the most sophisticated bots. The solution is the fastest bot mitigation solution to implement. It deploys within minutes and security teams can be monitoring web traffic and neutralising the impact of automated attacks.

Kasada operates instantly in the background without affecting user experience. It integrates easily into existing ecosystems without interruptions.

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