Well hello everybody, I am back to blogging once again.  I know that it has been a long time, but there are reasons.  For some time, I was in the hospital last year, and just towards Christmas, I lost my job, and I am currently looking.

But, the great news is that despite all of this, BN.Net, Inc. continues to grow.  Here is what is now happening:

*We have picked up some new clients, and our website will soon be updated to reflect this.

*Our 4th book will be published in July of this year.  It is entitled:  The Science of Biometrics:  Security Technology for Identity Verification.  You can get a glimpse of here it at this link:


*We are planning to expand into the Austin, TX by May of this year.  We are planning to offer services in long form technical documentation, and also market our brand new Infographic newsletter.  We will also be offering our product line to complement our newsletter.

I will be back to blogging again tomorrow, with a new headline in the world of Cybersecurity!!!