Well, we have started the New Year finally.  We are now in the third day of it, and so far seems so well.  That is of course, if you don’t take into account all of the shootings which have happened so far in Chicago (I think five people have been killed so far, versus the 700 total for 2016).

Here in the security world, the pundits have been putting on their spin as to what the top  security threats and risks will be.

Honestly, who knows what it will be?  It can range from everything from the Russians tampering with any state or local elections (in order to gain more Trump supporters) to North Korea hacking once again into some bog corporation like Sony.

Or we could see more hacks into Point of Sale terminals like we saw in Target some time ago.  Or worst yet, perhaps there could be once again another breach where Yahoo’s usernames and all of the passwords were stolen.

But while all this is possible, the security pundits have their eye on one primary target:  That of the wireless devices, especially those of the Smartphones.  Just think about it for a second.  The Smartphone has become literally an extension of both our personal and professional lives.  We use it every day to call people (heck, even forget about the landlines in this regard), IM, send pictures and photos, and of course text based messages.

So, if we lose our Snartphone, or if it even gets stolen, we will literally become paralyzed.  We will not know what to do of ourselves.  Even I have faced this phenomenon.  There have been times when my iPhone has gone berserk on me, and even I freak out.  And, there is always that paralyzing fear that if you turn on and off that iPhone the Apple logo will never disappear (this is has happened to me also).

But apart from the Smartphone being a leash on our lives, we also use it shop daily for items at various e-commerce sites.  Our credit card information is stored in the virtual wallet (such as that of ApplePay), and the cookies are also stored onto our handhelds.

For that matter, just think about it:  For the Holiday Shopping Season of 2016, did you actually shop for your gifts at an actual sit down computer or your Smartphone?  Most likely, it will have been from the latter.

So, duh, no wonder that the Smartphone is the choice of attack now for the Cyberattacker in 2017.  Now that we have established this fact, just where will these specific attacks place at in our Smartphones?

Well, you will have to stay tuned, as this will be the topic of some our blogs for the next few days.  But in the meantime, I challenge you to do one thing:  Just look at your Smartphone, and imagine that somebody stole it or it got lost.  What would your state of reaction be???