As promised, here is today’s list of some of the top websites that you visit on  the Dark Web, if you choose to go there:


Yes, even Facebook has its own version on the sinister side of the web.  The purpose of this special Facebook site is for people to use whom are  afraid that they are being tracked on the normal Facebook site.  In fact, over  1 million people already use this site, and there is even made for the Android.


This website on the Dark Web is actually the winner of four  Pulitzer prizes.  It’s primary purpose is to “ . .. expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business and other institutions”.  (SOURCE:

The idea of this website is to have freedom for the press, so  that even people in Internet censored nations like China and North Korea can still access it and find out  what is happening around the world.


Believe it or not, yes,  even the Dark Web has a search engine that can be used, much like Google.  The image you see above is Tor’s version of  Google.  But unlike Google, this search engine by Tor offers some of the highest levels of anonymity and privacy.  Also, unlike Google, DuckDuckGo even has a command line interface to search for various topics and sites.


This website is considered to be a news aggregator for the Dark Web, which covers such topics  as Cryptocurrencies, and other projects that are related to Tor.

Hidden Answers:

This is one of the most popular forums that is used on the Dark Web, in a way, to that of “Yahoo Answers”.  But keep in mind that there are no restrictions on whom access this site, or who can post what.  So that means even a Cyber terrorist can post stuff as well on this forum.  Your  best bet is just to poke around the site, and do not post or respond to anything!!  Also, do not click on any of the advertisements!!


Yes, there is this on the Dark Web also.  This is one of the very few websites on the Dark Web in which you do not need a Tor browser (do this at your own risk), but in order to upload your content or comments, etc.  you need to use the Tor browser, as it will automatically upload them in an encrypted format for your safety.

Blockchain For Bitcoins:

Remember I said in yesterday’s post that only  Bitcoin is accepted on the Dark Web?  Well, consider this resource as your “Bitcoin Virtual Wallet”, much in a similar way to that of ApplePay.  What is even more interesting is that it even uses the SSL Protocol (denoted by the HTTPS) for your safety.


This was started by  Alexandra Elbakyan of Kazakhstan in 2011, it hosts over 50 million research papers and makes them available for free.   The idea of this website is to foster scientific knowledge (such as whitepapers and journals) amongst individuals and organizations whom would not be able to afford to purchase them in the pubic web.  Their  mission is to:  “end diseases, droughts, and hunger.”


Yes, although we need the police, we often complain about them for racial profiling, harassment, arresting innocent citizens, etc.  And yes, there are public channels in which we can complain about our police force. But are they ever taken seriously?  That’s up to you decide.  This is a forum on the Dark Web in which you can submit complaints of police brutality.  Supposedly, the website claims  that they act on each and every complaint.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it.  There are plenty of other Dark Web sites that you can visit, and you can simply Google it to find the rest. There are those websites which are listed as the more criminal and sinister ones (you can get those on your own), but  your safety is of upmost importance to me.

And by not writing about these kinds of websites, we want to show that there can be a good side to the Dark Web as well.  We want your first visit to the Dark Web to be a reasonably “enjoyable” one.

For example, it can be primarily used to communicate ideas and thoughts that people may be too afraid to communicate over the Public Web; or these people live in countries where the Internet is censored and freedom of speech is strictly forbidden.

That concludes our series on the Dark Web for this long weekend.  However, if I find more useful stuff that I can write about the Dark Web down the road, I will!!!

Also, keep in mind that the links I have provided are of the extension “.onion”, meaning that they can only be accessed via the Tor browser.