This year, we have witnessed the proliferation and continued growth of technological innovation. There is no doubt that Cyberattacks continue to receive the share of the headlines, but the new security solutions which have evolved to thwart off these threats have become equally sophisticated as well.

For example, Artificial Intelligence is now being used to predict what the profile of tomorrow’s Cyberattacker will look like, creating models based upon today’s threat signatures.  Smartphone technology is becoming equally advanced, as it has now become the extension of our personal and professional lives.

Because of the sheer, vital role that it plays, more security features are being added, such as the use of Biometric Technology, in order to fully confirm the identity of the end user even as they speak into the receiving end.

One of the common denominators in these examples is that information and data is being used in real time in order to predict a dynamic of tomorrow.  This realm of study is also known more specifically as “Business Intelligence”, or “BI” for short.  With the conglomeration of the Internet of Things (IoT), this field is projected to grow further in demand into 2017.

In fact, it is predicted that it is predicted that the world of BI is expected to reach a market value of at least $19 Billion, and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of well over 8%.  (SOURCE:

In these series of blogs, we will review the top trends in Business Intelligence that your business needs to be aware of as we fast approach into 2017.

The Top BI Trends In 2017

  • There will be a deep proliferation of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Activity:

The truth of the reality is that it costs a lot of money in terms of Research and Development (R&D) in order to come up with a new product.  The same holds true for the BI Industry.  Because of its dynamic nature, and the end user’s thirst for even more interpretation of that data, BI Vendors are scrambling around to offer the latest, most innovative tools.  But rather from starting from scratch in building them, it is expected that these vendors will simply buyout another company which offers these same toolsets.  From there, these products and services will then be further integrated into the offerings of the specific BI Vendor.  One of the prime areas which will see the largest amount of demand is that of reporting/analytics and use cases.  In other words, customers don’t want to use separate products for reporting and data discovery, they want to see everything into one package.

  • Compliance Issues will gain much more attention:

With a new Presidential Administration coming onto the scene in January of 2017, it is highly expected that the current legislation which is at hand regulating compliance issues for all types of information and data will only get tougher.  The same will hold true for the BI Vendors, and the suite of tools they offer. Gone will be the days when the “Data Discovery” trends will permit you to comb through datasets and find meaningful insights right at your desktop.  Rather, it will have to be done in a central repository, such as the Cloud, where the standards of permissions and access set forth will be the same for all.  This new trend is known specifically as “Governed Data Discovery”, and is expected to be a hot button issue in 2017.

Stay tuned for the next two trends tomorrow!!!