Hey Everybody,

As we lumber along into 2021 with the word of chaos that we are in right now, Cybersecurity will be at the forefront with just about everybody, proliferated of course with the COVID19 pandemic.  At the present time, many CIOs and CISOs are currently planning for their new budget, an of course, money still remains tight.

But, if you are an SMB that is still trying to figure out to put together all of the pieces of the Cybersecurity jigsaw puzzle, it can also be truly a very daunting task to accomplish.  Therefore, you need to reach out for help, and there is no better place than to do this but the Managed Service Provider (MSP).  They are a one stop shop for all of your IT and even Cybersecurity needs.

So rather than trying than going at it alone, you can have a team of very trusted, outsourced professionals that can do this for you.  But best of all, they are also very affordable, and can meet any budget that you may have.

In this podcast, we have the honor and privilege of interviewing Greg Manson, the Vice President of Security, Audit and Compliance at a company known as Logically, Inc.  They have a new product on the market called “SecureCare”, that can meet all of your needs when it comes to securing your digital assets.

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