In today’s blog, we continue with our theme on the Identity Access Manager, onto what the hot trends will be for this year. Here are the next two:

The Hot Trends for IAM by 2020

  • Cloud and On prem will be hot:

Believe it or not, there will be multiple uses of these. First, many of the large sized businesses and corporations have traditionally been using On prem IAM Systems.  This is what they know best, and as a result, they are too resistant to change to a newer, more cost effective IAM System.  Second, these types of companies have much larger IT budgets, so therefore, they can spend the money on maintaining these legacy based, security infrastructures. Third, it will the small and the medium sized businesses which will be adopting the Cloud based IAM Systems.  The primary reason for this is the affordability factor, and the scalability it offers.  This type of system is known as specifically as the “Identification as a Service”, or “IDaaS” for short.  This Cloud based offering is expected to grow quite rapidly.  In fact, it is projected that by 2020, it will have a market capitalization rate of $3.4 million, and have a growth rate of well over 25%.

  • 2FA will become many factors:


Many businesses and corporations have relied upon the traditional username/password combination to protect their logical assets.  But as it was reviewed in the beginning of this article, this is simply not enough.  As a result, the concept of “2 Factor Authentication” (also known as “2FA”) was born, and implemented into IAM Systems.  But given the growing sophistication of Cyber attackers, even 2FA is not proving to be enough.  Thus, the new trend will be to implement more and different kinds of authentication mechanisms into the IAM Systems of tomorrow.  One such tool which is now being used is Biometric Technology.  This identifies an individual based upon their unique physical or behavioral traits.  Thus, it is quite possible that 2FA may reach as high as 5FA or even more, depending upon the security needs of the company.
Remember in today’s world, using just one layer of defense is often not enough. You cannot simply rely on your  password anymore.  It takes multiple layers of defenses to truly protect your identity, and one of the best ones is that of Biometrics-which can provide proof positive of whom you really are based upon your unique physical or behavioral characteristics.