In today’s blog, we finish our theme of the Identity Access Manager.


Overall, this article has looked at the major reasons why IAM Systems will now play such an important role in the level of security amongst businesses and corporations.  We will no longer be identified by what our legal name or user id is, but rather our access rights and permissions will be based much heavily upon our daily interactions with various objects and circumstances, both in the physical world and the virtual world.

Given the proliferation of Cyber attacks, IAM Systems will soon reach their breaking points. Therefore, it will important for a network or a security administrator to keep constant tabs on their systems to make sure that they are optimized all the time.  Cloud based IAM Systems will also be heavily used, because of their affordability and scalability.

Lastly, the use of Multimodal Identities (in other words we will have multiple identities) will be implemented to give us access the crazy and saturating technology world in which we live in.

The last caveat to be remembered is about the Identity Access Manager (and it is also an irony) is that it is unlocked and managed by its own password.  So make sure that you safeguard it, and don’t ever give it out!  If this password is ever compromised, it will defeat the entire purpose of an Identity Access Management system!!!