Hey Everybody,

We continue once again with our theme of Penetration Testing.  This is no doubt once of the most important tools to be used in Cybersecurity.  In this podcast, we interview Serge Borso, the CEO of SpyserSec.

SpyderSec is a trusted information security solutions provider with a straightforward mission: To enhance the security posture of your organization. 

SpyderSec specializes in providing penetration testing services to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, accurately assess risk and provide concise information to act on.

He is an expert in a variety of information security fields, having served in many roles in the IT and security industries over the past fifteen years. 

Listen to the podcast here:https://www.blogtalkradio.com/apollobiometrics/2019/07/29/an-interview-with-serge-borso-ceo-of-spydersec