In today’s society, we are seeing an explosion in the trend of where devices that we use both in our professional and personal lives are literally becoming intertwined and connected amongst one another.  A good example of this is our own Smartphone.  We have become so dependent upon it, that if we lose it or it is stolen, there is a moment in time where we will feel utterly paralyzed by not having it.

This in a way, are the small beginnings for a world we will soon know as the “Internet of Things”, or “IoT” for short.  This is where we are connected with all of the objects that we interact with on a daily basis, both in the virtual and physical worlds.  The ultimate goal of all this is to make our lives much easier, by having all of these connections automate all of our routine tasks.

But, there is a huge security downfall to this as well…the more connections or interconnectivity that you have, you are actually increasing the attack surface for the Cyberattacker to prey upon.  Also, there are many points of failure involved.  If one connection fails, there could very well be a cascading effect on other connections.

What can be done about this?  Listen in to today’s podcast!!!