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In today’s data-driven world, the reality of cyber attacks is a matter of “when” not “if,” and following the principles of incident response has never been more crucial to organizational survival. Today, Joseph Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, a premier provider of cybersecurity and digital forensics solutions, will be discussing the three main tenets of incident response (detection, response and remediation) in depth to shed some light on what it really takes to recover from a data breach.

Joseph Caruso is a recognized industry leader in the fields of computer forensics, eDiscovery and cyber security. With over 20 years of active in-the-field experience in numerous technology areas, his expert background is extremely diverse, giving him an unparalleled ability to explain a wide array of complex technologies.

Joseph has led incident response teams for Fortune 500 companies and is experienced in data breaches of all sizes and magnitudes. He has led teams that successfully secured networks after major intrusions and worked closely with clients to help ensure their reputation and assets remained intact.

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