Hey Everybody,

As we fast approach 2020, Identity Management is going to become a hot button topic in the Cybersecurity Industry, especially as it relates to it being as a hosted offering, available in the Cloud.  In today’s podcast we have the honor of interviewing of Mr. Hanno Idenhaus, a leader in this field.

Hanno is the founder of Idenhaus Consulting, a professional services firm specializing in the design and implementation of Identity Management (IDM) and Cybersecurity solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in Identity and Access Management, Hanno has a deep understanding of how the IDM space has evolved as well as mission-critical insight around the challenges IT leaders and their organizations face in order to prevent, identify and mitigate physical and virtual security breaches, enhance regulatory compliance and safeguard customer information.

With customers across a range of verticals including financial services, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, retail, manufacturing and local and federal governments, Hanno and his Idenhaus team excel at helping organizations build and maintain effective Identity Management and Cybersecurity programs by focusing on the importance of leadership as well as the communication of business issues and value of the IDM programs to all levels of the organization.

Listen to all of this in our podcast: