Hey Everybody,

Everyday, there are stories of how banking accounts and even credit card accounts are being hacked into on a daily basis.  You keep hearing the same thing:  Have a strong password.  But aren’t you tired of using passwords all the time?

In today’s podcast, we discover a new way in which you can access your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in a much safer and efficient format.  This solution has been created and implemented by BankVault.com.

BankVault Pty, Ltd. is a technology innovation company at the intersection of 3 of the hottest IT sectors today:  Cybersecurity, Fintech, and Blockchain.

The company pioneered “Remote Isolation”, a new category of cyber security which Gartner Inc. predict will gain adoption in 50% of enterprises by 2021.  This game changing technology reshapes the way people browser and transact securely online.

The company’s products that now deliver cybersecurity to individuals, SMB’s and financial institutions, came out of a remarkable pivot of a supercomputing project the company was working on, codenamed RainMaker.  This was self-evolving architecture rebuilding thousands of virtual user desktop machines on the fly and deploying within a couple of seconds. 

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