Hey Everybody,

For many IT Security teams of today, there is a lot of information and data that is literally being throw at them, all at once.  For example, there are the myriads of intelligence that they have to parse through on a daily basis. 

Trying to analyze each and every piece of data that is coming can be a very mind-boggling task.  For instance, how do you know what data is “real”, and what is just a false warning?  How do you know if an anomaly or any erroneous kind of behavior is real, or just simply nothing to worry about?

Wouldn’t be nice to have just one platform that can give you all of the necessary information at a quick glance, so that you literally make split second decisions?  But best of all, wouldn’t it be great to have this all available as a single mobile app that you can download onto your Smartphone?

Listen in today’s podcast to learn how to deploy this platform: