In today’s blog, we continue with the trends and trends in which how you can use Business Intelligence tools to harness that information you have in your Smartphone. Here we go:

1) There will be a growth for Embedded BI Tools and Platforms:

Let’s face the reality, the explosion of data will only continue to grow well into the future. As described previously in this article, it will permeate both our personal and professional lives-there is no way of escaping it, especially as it entrenches our Smartphone via the usage of mobile apps, ads, and other such items. Likewise, it is also expected that BI will play a critical role here when it comes to managing this growth in data. In this context, the use of BI is known as “Embedded BI”. For example, the BI tool will literally become embedded into the reporting/analysis tool into the various software packages that require them. This way, you can customize your dashboard in the way which will be most advantageous to you.

2) The Internet of Things (IoT) will become a big component of BI:

We have eluded to the IoT a couple of times in this article, and with good reason. This phenomenon will impact our lives on a daily basis. Because of this great level of influence, it is expected to have, it too will have a pronounced effect upon the way we interpret the data that is presented in front of us from our BI Tool. For example, businesses and corporations alike can combine the principles of IoT with the Data Warehousing functionality which is available in the BI Tool to gain much more useful insights into the buying patterns of their existing customer base. From here, scientific extrapolations can then be made into the predictive buying patterns of customers for potential new products and services. This will serve a huge advantage, as market research can now be conducted in real time, as opposed to using surveys or focus group interviews, which often have a time lag component associated with it.

The IoT is going to be the happening thing in 2017 and beyond. Essentially, this is how we interact with other objects in both the physical and virtual world. Although we are not conscience of it, we interact with many things on a daily basis. Just think about that tomorrow, as you wake up, go to work, go through your day motions, come back, and wind down for the day.

We will wrap on this topic tomorrow, and start a new series as to how you can get rid of those stupid passwords forever!!!