As a business owner, you realize that there is a gap in your security policies.  For example, you may have been impacted by a computer worm or virus, or worst, your place of business may have been broken into and vital information stolen.

You have looked at various security tools and methodologies, and feel that a biometric system is best suited for your place of business.  But how do you really know that a biometric system is best for you?

Have you examined the benefits versus the risks of implementing a biometric system?  More importantly, have you also examined the performance standards and metrics that measure the effectiveness of the various biometric technologies?

The Factors That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration

 First, before deciding upon which biometric system to implement at your place of business, it will be important to conduct an audit of your existing security infrastructure, and see how well it matches up against your current security policies (what exactly defines a “good security policy” will be the topic of a later article).

If you, as the business owner are not sure how to conduct such an audit, it will probably be well worth the money to hire a security consulting firm to help you out.

As I have meetings with contacts and potential clients, the trend I keep hearing is that “Oh, yea, we do have a flaw in our security policies, we need to fix it!”.  But when it comes time to actually spending the money needed to improve security, the reluctance then sets in.

Keep in mind that conducting a security audit will cost some money, but would you rather spend the money now or wait until some security misfortune occurs which will then really cost you?

Second, the other reason for the importance of conducting a security audit is that it will give you the chance to know and understand your current business processes better.  It is much easier to implement a biometric system in existence with other, current business processes, rather than implementing a system from ground up.

As a result, your employees will be more accepting of a biometric system, which will make the training and learning curve a lot easier.

We continue with the other factors in tomorrow’s blog.