Hey Everybody,

Trojan Horse Security (THS) is headquartered in Washington DC, just down the street from the White House. They are specialists in corporate security and pride themselves in only employing the very best analysts in the world.

All analysts have over 10 years’ experience and are industry leaders. They have all, at one point in time, worked for a major consultancy in a senior role. They never hire anyone junior or mid-level. All analysts have both a passion for security and an obsession for unbeatable service. For the Trojan Horse Security team, no job is too large or too difficult; if needed they can always call upon the reconnaissance skills of their Black Ops friends who are former members of Delta Force, Navy Seals, the CIA and FBI.

Alexander Jones has worked in cybersecurity for over 25 years. He has worked all around the world, consulting to some of the biggest companies. He is very well known, well published, and spoken at events worldwide. He is relied on by company executives to advise upon cybersecurity and still keeps his hat in the ring as an expert white hat hacker.

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