Hey Everybody,

The Remote Workforce is now a permanent feature of Corporate America, at least going into 2021, and probably even longer.  Because of this, the use of Video Conferencing tools such as those of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WebEx, are going to take off even more.

But with this, come the Cybersecurity risks that come with it.  We all know too well what this is like with what happened this year with Zoom, and all of the attacks against it became affectionately known as “Zoombombing”.  Although the company has made great efforts to secure the technological platform that drives the Video Conferencing, there are still attacks going on against it.

Therefore, the employees and the companies that they work for now must take even greater strides to protect their online communications platforms.  What is out there that can be used.  In today’s podcast, we have the honor and the privilege of interviewing George Waller, a Co-Founder of the Cybersecurity company known as Strikeforce Technologies, Inc.

They have pioneered the use of military grade Encryption in order to make Video Conferencing and remote working safe for everybody.  Find out more in today’s podcast, by listening here at this link: