Hey Everybody,

Given the current landscape with the Coronavirus, there are many spoofed websites that are coming up, and they are so difficult to differentiate what is for real and what is fake.  But, there is good news in this regard.  There is a tool out there which is available to any kind or size of business, and even individuals can use first to see if they are going to malicious domain or website.  What is it?  Well, listen in to today’s podcast!

During this podcast, Brad Rhodes will share valuable insights that stem both from his cybersecurity background, as well as his current position with zvelo.  zvelo offers solutions in web URL classification covering more than 99% of the active web for a distinctly unique advantage in identifying malicious activity from the onset.

Over the course of this session, we’ll cover a range of topics including the evolving threat landscape with coronavirus to top vulnerabilities to best practices.

Download the podcast at this link: