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As we all know, Cybersecurity has been a hot topic, and continues to be so, given the advent of COVID19.  Today, we are starting to see threat vectors emerge from that like we have never seen before, especially when it comes to heisting the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of victims, especially when it comes to Phishing Emails and going to spoofed websites.

As a result, many Cybersecurity companies are now investing serious $$$ into investing new products and services.  As a result, investing into these Cybersecurity companies has taken a huge increase.  We learn more about this investing realm, as we learn first hand from Hank Thomas, who leads a firm in this regard.

About SCVX:

SCVX is the first cybersecurity-focused Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC), a publicly-traded company that IPO’d on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in January 2020. With a $230 million pool of capital raised via the public markets and access to significantly more capital through its largest investors, the flexibility of the SPAC allows cybersecurity companies to be integrated into one multi-capability security platform. 

About Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV):

SCV is a venture capital firm focused solely on growing cyber and national security by matching game-changing technological solutions to real-world cybersecurity requirements. Led by CEO & founder Hank Thomas, SCV takes a reimagined, more modern consultative approach to founders and the startup scene at large. 

About Hank Thomas:

Hank Thomas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV). Hank leverages 23 years of experience in cybersecurity, military intelligence, management consulting, and business to identify, assess, invest in, and mature differentiated business and technology teams positioned to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. 

Before forming SCV, Hank served an 11-year tenure as an executive at Booz Allen Hamilton—a global strategy, technology, and consulting firm—leading a highly successful consulting business focused on military grade cybersecurity for both commercial and government clients. 

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