Hey Everybody,

There have been many Cyber related lessons that have been learned this, with the prime catalyst being that of COVID19.  For example, many businesses in Corporate America have now started to realize the sheer importance and gravity of now having a rock-solid Business Continuity (BC) Plan.  The other is that at an almost 99% remote workforce is now achievable.

This was an idea that people thought would take fruition by 2023 or 2024 at the latest.  But now we are seeing it unfold in just a matter of two months.  Now that this has been accomplished, you need to consider using those tools that will help your entire remote workforce be productive and responsive no matter wherever they may be working in the world.

One of the best tools you can make use of is that of a Cloud based Platform, such as that of Microsoft Azure and M365.  With this, your remote employees will be able to access applications and shared resources in a very quick, secure, and efficient manner.  How do you accomplish this huge task?

Well, you can find out by listening in to today’s podcast.  We have the honor and privilege of interviewing Matt Katzer, the Founder and CEO of KAMIND IT.

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