Hey Everybody,

Well, it looks like that businesses across Corporate America are slowly starting to open their doors yet once again not only for employees whom have been WFH, but also for the all important customers as well.  While this is good news, the downside to COVID19 has been the huge cost cutting that has come about.  Companies are still reluctant to start spending again.

One of the areas that first gets impacted are the IT and Cyber budgets.  There is a lot of expense that can happen here, especially when it comes to paying the salaries and other benefits to the CIO/CISO.  But there is a new option to this, and it is called the “Virtual CISO”, or “vCISO” for short. 

In this regard, you can literally hire an external, third party expert to become your CIO/CISO for a fixed time engagement, and hire them at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full time CIO/CISO.

We learn more about this in today’s podcast, with Taylor Hersom, the CISO at a Cybersecurity company known as Third Rock. It is a cyber risk and compliance management professional services firm. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Third Rock services include risk assessments, remediation, and rapid incident response in less 65% less time than other firms. Third Rock built a turnkey, simplified, best in class cyber risk management, cybersecurity and compliance software CyberCompass®.

Taylor heads up the CyberCompass® distribution channel development. His specific goal is to help operationalize channel partners in translating cyber risks to better market their cybersecurity solutions. 

His background provides a unique set of skills in translating how cyber risk management can drive the optimization of cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Mr. Hersom has been using CyberCompass® for over a year with his previous customers.

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