Some time ago, I had written a blog about accessing what is known as the “Dark Web”.  This is a part of the Internet that is hidden well below the Web that as we know it, which is called the  “Surface Web”.  In fact, this only  accounts for about 4% of what we actually see on the Internet.  The Dark Web is about 500 times bigger that what we currently  use.  The Dark Web is also called the  “Deep Web”, and as its name implies, this where all kinds of sinister and criminal activities transpire.

A simple Google search will reveal all that happens there.  Anyways, I had promised way back then that I would write a piece on how to actually surf the Dark Web safely, once you have accessed it. This morning, I searched a ton of websites that offer numerous tips on how to do this.  All of them ranged from the person who is just first  accessing the Dark Web to the most advanced of users.

Since I figure that nobody that my blog site reaches out to really has surfed the Dark Web before, this posting will offer tips for just starting out.  But a word of caution here.  Before you access the Dark Web, make sure that you do own research as well.  If ever in doubt, perhaps reach out to somebody whom is well versed in computers and technology to help you out.

So, here we go:

*As mentioned in the last blog, you need to make use of a very secure Web Browser, so that nobody can track your movements on the Dark Web.  Remember, the commonly used browsers like Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox will not suffice.  You need to download and use a Web Browser that is called “Tor”.  A visual of this is illustrated below:

More information and the download for the Tor Browser can be seen at this link:

*Once you are in the Dark Web with the Tor Browser, the best way to surf it is to use a “Deep Web Directory”, such as “Hidden Wiki”.  These are the directories of the Dark Web, and contain those links that are safe to use and that are also the most popular as well.  But as a word of a strong warning, do not click on any other link in the Dark Web other than what is listed in the  Hidden Wiki.

But, pay very careful attention as well to the links that you are clicking on.  While most of them are useful and safe, some them also go the illicit links where you do not want to be.  It is best that you stay out of these, as you never know who will be watching you once you get into them.  Also, never download anything from the Dark Web, as there is a very good chance that it will contain some sort of very potent and dangerous piece of Malware.

*Finally, in order to give you even more protection as you the surf the Dark Web, use the following tools:

  • A Virtual Private Network;
  • Tails: This is an OS that is designed specifically to protect you while you surf the Dark Web.  More information and the download can be found at this link:
  • Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP: This is an encryption application that will  keep all of your communications and browsing history in a “garbled state” as you surf  the Dark Web.  More information and download can be seen at this link:

So once again, the above are just some tips for you to get started to surf the Dark Web.  In tomorrow’s blog, we will set up a checklist of things that you should not do while you are on the Dark Web.

One more thing:  When you are surfing the Dark Web, make sure you have all  other applications logged off on your computer!  Or better yet, to keep your computer safe, get a used laptop (for cheap) that can be dedicated for just surfing the Dark Web.