Hey Everybody,

Given that the Work From Home (WFH) will now be the de facto standard for quite some time to come (in fact, experts are predicting that this trend will go well into next year).  With this in mind, Corporate America is now coming to grips with the reality that they will now have to essentially redo their entire security model.

For example, while their traditional models may have focused on just a handful of remote workers, not they have to do deal with the fact that all of their employees will be doing that.  So, how to practice good levels of Cyber Hygiene, when home based networks are intermingling with the more secure, corporate based networks?

Well, one answer to this is through the use of Managed Detection and Response, also known as “MDR” for short.  As its name implies, this is a gargantuan task that you do not want to handle all on your own; rather, you want to outsource to a trusted, 3rd party vendor that can do all of this for you.

In today’s podcast, we have the honor and privilege of interviewing Eric Pinto, the Senior Director of Channel and Product Strategy at SOCSoter.  They offer a complete MDR package that includes the following:

*Real time alerts and warnings for any impending Cyber threats that are looming on the horizpn;

*Advanced Threat Detection;

*Compliance Monitoring.

Find out more about this in the podcast, and the link to download it from is below: