Hey Everybody,

Let’s face it, in today’s world, we want everything right here and right now.  A lot of this has been due to the advances in Smartphone technology, in which we can basically do everything from it.  One of the software applications that has made our life easier in this regard has been the mobile app.  Of course, there are probably hundreds and thousands out there now on Google and Apple.  But have you wondered what it takes to actually develop a mobile app?

It’s by no means an easy task. For example, the software development team that is creating it has to look at it from all perspectives, especially from the standpoint of the customer.  It has to be quick and easy to use, with no issues involved.  It can take many, many hours and testing to create just one mobile app in order to make it a pleasing environment for the end user.

In this regard, software development teams are also looking for ways to help automate the source code creation process.  How can this be done?  Well, look no further.  Today, we have the honor and speaking with Paul Hilsen, the Managing Partner at Elko, LLC that does exactly just this. 

The Elko App Builder (EAB) can be used to provision a fully functional app in just minutes., so unlike working with other firms,  at Elko, you don’t have to wait for or pay for the weeks or months it takes to do all the heavy lifting with spinning up and hosting an app.

The Elko App Builder has been leveraged to build apps that that are used by millions of users every day. Some of these apps even went to market in just two weeks thanks to our App Builder!

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