We continue today’s blog with the next two macro forces which are going to affect the safety and reliability of your Smartphone.  Who ever thought that home based networks would be the next target for the Cyber attacker?  Read on:

1)      Home Networks will be attacked:

Our last section introduced the theme of hard wired connectivity to the Internet, and the home technology environment of many families have used this same approach when connecting their TVs and other technological gadgets.  But given that the mobile and wireless trend  is expected to proliferate as well in 2017, it is also anticipated that the home technology environment also will become wireless.  In other words, gone will be the days of coaxial and Ethernet cabling connecting the TV and all of the devices to the Internet.  Everything will be connected wirelessly.  Although the Internet Service Provides do offer a “Secured Home Network” (this is where you have to enter a password into your home network in order to establish the connection), this too is also starting to become a prime target for Cyber attackers.  Just as much as businesses and corporations contain their confidential data, so do home networks.  The reason why Cyber attackers are attacking the home technology environment is that, as mentioned before, it is the password that is the only means of fortifying it.  Once this is cracked, the hacker then has a treasure trove of information and data that they can use later in order to launch covert Identity Theft attacks at a subsequent point in time.

2)      Frequent data backups will be occurring:

One of the cardinal rules in Data Security, especially when it comes to using your Smartphone, is it to back up your data frequently and quite often.  But on top of this, there is also another rule:  Keep your backups maintained for a long period of time.  Now, while people are starting to realize the importance the data backup, the realization of keeping that backup for an extended time frame is still not there yet.  But, with the advent of a newer Security threat coming out into the Wireless world, known as “Ransomware”, this could all change.  With Ransomware, a Cyber attacker literally holds either your Corporate or personal data hostage until you a pay a ransom.  But, this ransom is not just paid in a standard currency.  Keep in mind that the Cyber attacker is always at least three steps ahead of the game, and will require payment to be in the form of a “Bitcoin”, which is a virtual based currency.  Many business leaders probably have no idea yet as to how make a payment with Bitcoin. Thus, while critical time and resources are being spent in negotiating with the Cyber attacker, the corporation or business could secretly be back up and running once again only if they have restored that same information and data from their backups, of course, going back for a long period of time.

The motto of this one:  Don’t be held hostage by Ransomware.  Don’t try to be the hero and pay your Cyberattacker with Bitcoins.  This is not as easy to implement and deploy as you think.  It us much more complex than that. Even if you do fall victim, don’t worry, you have your backups, right?!?!?!?