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As we know compliance surrounding data privacy here in the United States has now started to become a huge deal.  The main drivers for this have been primarily the GDPR and the CCPA.  We have had podcasts on these before, but keep in mind that there are also separate pieces of legislation as well that impact other industries in the same way, such as that of HIPAA.  Also, keep in mind that many of these laws have been built around what is known as the NIST Framework.

We learn more about this in today’s podcast with Craig Petronella, of the Petronella Technology Group. They serve customers across many vertical sectors in both public and private organizations. We understand that every industry and organization can be faced with unique IT challenges. Our expertise enables us to help clients navigate the requirements of their industry – such as CMMC for federal contractors, HIPAA and HITECH for medical practices and Sarbanes Oxley and NIST for Law firms – to find a solution that meets their needs.

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