Hey Everybody,

Whenever a Cyberattack occurs, the first thing that everybody wants to know is how it happened, and who did it.  The knee jerk reaction is very often to point fingers, without having enough evidence at hand.  Typically in these cases, it is the CISO or even the CIO that every often has to take the fall in these cases.

But before even blame can be cast, a thorough investigation first needs to happen, collecting even the most minute pieces of evidence.  This is by no means an easy process, and it can take quite some time.  After all, the end objective should not be in just finding out who did it, but to also bring them justice in a court of law.

The evidence that is collected must be airtight, and presentable.  This is where the role of the Forensics Investigator and their team come into play.  They have the tools and the required knowledge to collect this kind of digital evidence, but also make sure that it stays intact throughout both the discovery and legal proceedings.

In this podcast, we have the honor and privilege of interviewing Amber Schroader CEO & Founder, of the Paraben Corporation.  Ms. Schroader’s established protocols for the seizure and processing of digital evidence that has been used by numerous organizations throughout the world.  Download the podcast at this link: