On this President’s Day, we continue with the theme of using your fingerprint or iris to replace your password, illustrated with a great example:

As an emerging business owner, there are a number of benefits that can be gained by implementing a single sign on solution.  These benefits can be categorized into security, price and convenience.  One of the best examples that illustrates these benefits is that of a retail setting.  Take for example that you own a retail store, which sells numerous products to customers.

Also, you have 10 store employees who work for you.  At this store, also assume you have a number of Point of Sale (POS) systems, such as five of them.  These Point of Sale systems require your employees to enter a username and password as a means of authenticating themselves into the system.

In terms of security, you have probably set up a security policy which forbids your employees from sharing or writing down their passwords.  But the reality is that your employees will write down and/or share their passwords with other employees (I have actually seen this happen on many instances, having been in the retail world).

After you become aware that several breaches have occurred, much of your time, as the business owner, is then wasted in tracking down, reprimanding, and resetting the passwords of the suspected employees.  However, if you had implemented a single sign on solution (such as fingerprint recognition), this scenario probably would not have happened.  Fingerprints are unique to each individual, so therefore, unlike passwords, they cannot be written down, shared, or stolen.

Also, by using a single sign on solution, the chances of money being stolen from the Point of Sale system also diminishes.  For example, suppose employee #1 told employee #2 their username and password, employee #2 could feel tempted to cover their tracks and steal money by using the username and password of employee #1.  By using a fingerprint single sign on solution, each employee is held accountable for their own Point of Sale register, because fingerprints cannot be shared.

We continue with this example in tomorrow’s blog posting!  Stay tuned!