In today’s blog, we start our theme in getting rid of those passwords once and for all.  This is done with a Password Manager, and here is the formal introduction to it:


If you think about it, what is the security protocol which is used the most to access your workstation, wireless device, or even your Smartphone? It is the password.  The password has been around for the longest time, and even at one point, presented itself as one of the best forms of security.  But today, we are now witnessing its vulnerabilities.

Despite the attempts to fix them, passwords are fast becoming the weakest link in the security chain for any corporation or business.  Why is this the case?  In today’s workplace, employees have to access many types and kinds of resources which are stored on network drives.

Rather than having to create and use a separate password for each and every application, many organizations these days are now allowing for the use of one password to access all of these resources.  This is also known as a “Single Sign On” (also known as an “SSO”).

As a result, businesses and corporations are making their employees create passwords which are very difficult to remember.

Because of this, there is a strong tendency amongst employees to write their passwords down on a small, sticky sheet of paper known as a “Post It”, and attach it to their workstation monitor.  But this too becomes a major security problem, because the password is now visible to everybody in the organization.

The solution to all of these vulnerabilities is the use of a Password Manager.

The Password Manager

It can be difficult for an employee to create a password which is complex.  Truth be told, creating a new password every few months is the least favorite chore of any worker.  When they do create it manually, very little thought is given to it.

As a consequence, corporations and businesses are now turning towards the use of a Password Manager software package (or even a Mobile App) to help not only employees create robust passwords, but to help them remember it as well.

So, what exactly is a Password Manager?  It can be defined as a specific application which has been designed to create passwords which are hard to crack, but to also help the end user store and use their passwords more securely.  The intent here is to reduce the risk of the password of being a major target for Cyberattacks.

The passwords which are stored in these applications are encrypted.  The Password Manager can be stored locally onto the employee’s workstation or even in the Cloud, if their employer provides this resource to them.  The former can be referred to as “Offline Storage”; and the latter is often known as “Online Storage” (this is discussed in more detail later).

The basic premise of the Password Manager is to give the employee the ability to store all of their passwords into a single repository.

In the next blog post, we talk about the benefits of using a Password Manager, so stay tuned!!!