In today’s blog, we finish up our theme on the Password Manager.  Here we go:


As businesses and corporations are becoming security conscience and making employees create complex passwords, the need for using a Password Manager becomes even greater.  Workers have enough job tasks to accomplish, and having to create passwords just takes extra time out of their day.

Let’s face it, every time we get that pop up message on our workstation to create a new password, we cringe at the thought of having to come up with something new.

Using a Password Manager will greatly eliminate all of these administrative headaches, and will also help to make sure that employees stay focused on their work-related responsibilities.  One of the greatest assets that a Password Manager brings to the table is that it will alert you in real time when your password appears to have been hacked, or compromised.

Without using such a tool, we never know when our password has been hacked into, until it is too late (like the recent Yahoo security breach).

Also, if you choose to create a new or updated password from within the Password Manager, it will alert you as to whether your newly created password is strong or weak, by using either a number or color scale.

For example, the number 1 could indicate a very weak password, and the number 10 could represent the strongest password possible.  This could also be represented by the colors red and green, respectively.

Remember, the Password Manager is so far one the best ways to make sure that we all stay safe on the Internet!!!

Our next topic will be the Identity Access Manager, so stay tuned!  This will be of prime interest to the business or corporate owner!!!