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As we know it today, the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape is changing constantly.  Even with the modern based tools that we have today at our disposal, it can be quite difficult as well to even detect looming threat variants and even if a business has been breached.  Further, it can also be quite difficult to determine if even there is a Cyberattacker that is lurking covertly from within your IT and Network Infrastructures.

Today, the Cyberattacker is literally taking their own sweet time to profile their targets in great detail, and go in undetected, and even stay in as long as possible.  The days of the so called “Smash and Grab” campaigns no longer exist; rather, the intent of the Cyberattacker is to steal your digital asset one by one, in a such a slow and methodological fashion that you will not even know it until it is too late.

How can you avoid all of this?  We find out more in today’s podcast.  We have the honor and privilege of talking interviewing of Yigal Behar, the Founder and CEO of 2Secure Corporation. 

Prior to his move to the USA from Israel he worked as a security consultant for Avnet Deloitte & Touche Information Security LTD. providing information security guidance to various clients including government bodies such as the Social Security Administration and The Office of The Prime Minister, financial institutions such as Hapoalim Bank, Mercantile Discount Bank and privately held companies.

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