Let’s face it, the Remote Workforce is going to be with us, and in fact, it is expected to go well into next year and perhaps even 2022.  Even after COVID19 diminishes from the news, the benefits of WFH and saving money on office rent will be in the forefront of every business owners minds.

But as we embrace this new norm, there are two seasons in which the Cyberattacker will come out.  They are the upcoming holiday season, and tax time.  It is the latter which is one of the most feared ones. 

For example, the Cyberattacker is not just targeting the individual taxpayers or the businesses.  They are now starting to go after accountants, because after all, their databases store all of the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) datasets of their clients.

So as long as there  is one point of entry into these databases, the Cyberattacker can get a gold mine of confidential information and data that can be sold onto the Dark Web for a rather nice profit.  And it is not just the accountants, the IRS is also prone to this, especially when it comes to domain heisting and putting up spoofed websites that look like the real thing.

What can one do about this?  Well, in today’s podcast, we have both the honor and privilege of interviewing of interviewing Andrew Lassise, the Founder of Rush Tech Support, a firm which focuses on Cybersecurity that is focused strictly upon providing support for the accounting firms, no matter how or large or small that they might be.

So, if you are an accountant that has your own practice, or just an honest taxpayer like me, this podcast will be of great benefit to you. You can listen to it here at this link: