Hey Everybody,

Yes, we have it heard it all, WFH security issues, Zoombombing, Phishing Emails, Spoofed Websites, blah, blah, blah.  But just think about what the IT Security teams are going through, they are completely stretched to the maximum limits to combat all of this.  But, through all of this, businesses not just in Corporate America but even all over the world are starting to realize the importance of having a proper plan in place in order to deal with these issues, should it ever happen again in our life times.

I this podcast, we learn more about this from Cyber expert Alexander Chamandy. 

Alexander Chamandy is a technology and security expert with over 25 years of experience. He is passionate, ambitious and greatly enjoys working with people. His true calling is solving complex problems, with a unique and deep skill set which allows him to lead or assist with a variety of projects.

Alexander’s passion for technology runs deep. He was given a Commodore 64/128 when he was five years old as a birthday present. From there he began teaching himself BASIC so he could program video games.

Starting in the local information technology industry in 1995, Alexander founded his business, Envescent, in 1999. From then he has remained involved with its operation and direction. In 2018 Envescent was awarded the Best Technology Small Business award from the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

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