Well, as I was perusing through the news articles on what I could write about, I came across a headline which caught my interest: “Alphabet ready to launch Cyber security program”.  I was going WHAT?!?!?!  You mean the soup company???

After upon conducting further research into it, Alphabet, Inc. is actually the parent company for Google.  This occurred during a restructuring which took place on October 2, 2015.  More information about Alphabet, Inc. can be seen here:


This is something I never knew of before.  In all honesty, I thought Google being the giant that they are, were there own bosses.  I didn’t think that they were actually owned by a parent company.  But anyways, now that you have this introduction to Alphabet, Inc., they have just announced the launch of yet another company called “Chronicle”.

Chronicle is a Cyber security firm that will enable companies, of all sizes, to detect and prevent Cyber-attacks.  There have not been too many details offered as to what Chronicle will be offering, but it has been heavily speculated that it would offer two main broad services:

*A new security intelligence and analytics platform;

*A new product called “VirusTotal”, an online malware and virus scanner acquired by Google in 2012.

Apparently, these new services that Alphabet will be offering have already been tested out on a number of Fortune 500 companies. Also, a number of smaller firms and those in industries including healthcare, government, finance, retail and others have also been tested as well.

According to Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett, these new services will very soon be offered to the public at large.  No exact date has been set yet, but it was reported that some key Cyber security researchers did take a look at the “VirusTotal” product and were actually quite impressed by it.

Also, the staff of Chronicle have already moved into a new building in Mountain View, California.  This is right next to Alphabet’s headquarters.

Given the sheer financial muscle that Google has, Chronicle will be able to provide “planet-scale” security analytics, and be able to couple that with Google’s already existing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence Tools, Machine Learning, its gargantuan infrastructure and near limitless compute processing powers and capabilities.

Apart from addressing the Cyber security needs of Corporate America, another objective that the management team at Chronicle has is to try to improve the current Cyber security workforce crisis.  This simply means that there are tons of open spots that are available, but there not enough qualified people to fill those roles.

Gillett also wants to take on the role of helping to reshape the IT Security Staff of the companies that Chronicle will be dealing with in the future.  In his own words: “Many large organizations may have “only three or four people on security, and they might not have the right tools . . .  Chronicle can turn them into a great security team.”  (SOURCE:  https://www.pymnts.com/google/2018/alphabet-chronicle-cybersecurity-platform-user-privacy/)

My thoughts?

Well, I first find it interesting how they got the name “Chronicle”.  I don’t quite get the association of that with Cyber security.  But after poking around the Web, I did find their website, which is as this URL:


I spent some time at their website, but there really is not a whole lot of information out there that impresses me it is going to be that much more unique than other Cyber security companies that are already in existence.

It seems like that the management team at Chronicle has an ambitious agenda, with an all-encompassing, global view of the Cyber security threat landscape, which is good. In my view, it is very important to have this kind of mindset when coming up with new ideas and strategies to fight Cyber terrorism.

But as mentioned, the one huge advantage that Chronicle has over other Cyber security companies that I have come across is that they have the financial might of Google (and Alphabet, Inc.) to develop the cutting-edge technologies that are needed to thwart off Cyber-attacks, creating new detection tools that are based upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Although the Cyber attacker of today is taking their own sweet time to launch their attack, it is still inhumanly impossible to keep up with them in real time and try to predict their next moves.  This is where the role of the above two mentioned technologies can come into play.

They can learn the profiles of existing Cyber threats very rapidly, and build projection models in just a matter of minutes as to what the future Cyber threat will look like.

So, Mr. Gillett, I wish you the best in this new enterprise, and I hope that with your new technologies we can one day eliminate Cyber terrorism all together.