Well, here is it is Sunday evening, and what have I have been doing most of the day?  Well, sort of just resting.  I’ve got a long week ahead of more writing and job searching (speaking of which, if any of you know out there of anybody who is hiring – please contact me, I am currently looking for a full time job in tech writing).  It just dawned on me, I forgot to write today’s blog post.

So with that in mind, I think I am going to write about a topic on which I touched upon a few days ago – the Dark Web.  I talked about it how one woman in France was arrested by having an illicit website.  But yes, I know many of you are still curious what’s out there on it and how to get onto it.  In today’s post, I will provide a guide in how you can actually access the Dark Web.

But DISCLAIMER here:  All of my content here is just for informational purposes only.  Whatever actions you take on it are SOLELY YOUR OWN AND YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY REPERCUSSIONS.

So here we go:

1)Get a good, solid Virtual Private Network (VPN):

I have written about this in the past as well, and simply put, it’s a great way to stay secure on the Web, because it keeps your network connections literally “invisible” from the  rest of the world.  Here is a good website for you to get a good, solid VPN product:


Now, keep in mind that you simply cannot use any good ‘ole Web Browser in which you can access the Dark Web.  It takes a special tool called “TOR”.  Use this website here to find those VPNs that work well with the TOR package:


The advantages to using a VPN when using the Dark Web:

*It gives you a fake IP address that you can use (you can even use an international one if you like).  This is just in case your TOR package, your IP address  cannot be traced back to you.

*Remember in the Dark Web, you could come across some really, horrible and downright dangerous Cyber attackers, if you choose to explore further into it.  By using a VPN, this will keep your confidential and private information safe.

2)  Download the TOR package:

Here is the link in which to download this specific software package:



Next, launch your selected VPN app, and select the “Open VPN Protocol”, as this is deemed to     be the most secure.  For information on this, click this link below:


 Now, you can open up the Web Browser that you normally use, and start the download process for the TOR Web Browser package, as illustrated below.

3)  Install the TOR Web Browser Bundle:

At this stage of the game, you should have completed the download of the TOR Web Browser Package, and be ready to install on your local computer (even a Mac based computer will work also).   Click on the folder where you want the extract files (in other words, all of those .exe files that will make this all work).  You will be prompted to select “Extract” at some point, when this happens, select that option.

4)  Launch the TOR Web Browser:

After you have extracted all of the files, double click “Start TOR” Browser (this is illustrated in the diagram below).  This is not itself a brand new Web Browser that has been created, rather, it is a watered down version of Mozilla Firefox. At this point, you can now penetrate into the Dark Web in a reasonably safe and secure fashion.

(NOTE: Source these images and  blogs are from https://darkwebnews.com/deep-web-links/)

Voila, there you have it.  Our next weekend blog will further examine on how to stay safe on the Dark Web.  Yes, although you are using a VPN and TOR, there are many other special precautions that you will want to take.  We will also examine some areas of the Dark Web that you can visit (personally myself will  not be visiting the Dark Web for this purpose; rather I will relying on good ‘ole Google for this).  This is a muti series blog, so keep staying tuned in!!!