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Even before COVID19 ever hit, one of the biggest themes in Cybersecurity has been that of always keeping good backups in place, and having a good strategy and schedule to keep your data backed up so that you can restore if and when you need it. For example, this could be because of a natural disaster or even a large scale Cyberattack.

We have always been told of how we should be using the Cloud for data backup and recovery, such as using Azure or the AWS.  While these do offer great advantages, keep in mind that many businesses out there still have an On Premises IT and Network Infrastructure that requires the of the traditional, physical back up methods.

In this podcast, we find out more about this angle from JR Maycock, of Perpetual Storage.  They are a specialized data protection company whose mission is to enable clients to actualize cybersecurity best practices for the storage, transport, retrieval, and lifecycle management of vital digital records. 

PSI’s main campus is an underground vault located in a unique geologically stable formation of solid granite rock east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

JR Maycock is a 14-year IT veteran with a background spanning corporate, service provider, freelance, and K-12 education environments. His areas of expertise include identity management, behavioral security, systems architecture, business continuity planning, and exploring the alignment of technology with business strategy.   

He is best known for his accessibility and easy-going attitude, always making time to turn over a topic of interest or answer a question.  JR currently holds the position of CIO at Perpetual Storage in Salt Lake City, UT.

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