Whether you are a brick and mortar or even have online presence for your business, using what is known as “Hosted Offerings” is a great way not only to deliver sterling customer service, but even to get new customers as well.  Over the next two days, we will be focusing on this topic, so stay tuned!

In today’s world, all of us have at least heard of the term “The Cloud”.  There those who use it to some extent, and then there those business entities which deploy their entire Information Technology Infrastructure into the Cloud.  The Cloud obviously has many advantages to it, which include the following:

  • On demand services;
  • Scalability (you can increase or decrease the amount of services you require based upon our needs);
  • An affordable price.

It is probably the first one which is the most appealing to people and businesses.  With this, you can get any service or software package you need with just a few clicks of the mouse, and it will be made ready to you in just a matter of seconds.  The technical term for this process is known as a “Hosted Solution”, and it can be specifically defined as follows:

“Hosted solutions are technology services offered to you or your company by a provider that hosts the physical servers running that specific solution somewhere else. They are usually contracted for a period of time, and are built for you specifically.”

In the next blog, learn more about the specific benefits of using Hosted Offerings!