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As I have written about before, Penetration Testing is one of the best ways to make sure that all of the known and unknown vulnerabilities, gaps, and weaknesses are uncovered from your lines of defense and quickly remediated.  But a Penetration Test can take time, and for a company that is on a tight budget, it can be quite an expensive proposition to engage in.

But, that may all change with what is known as “Automated Penetration Testing”, which is reviewed extensively in this podcast, with Alton Johnson of Vonahi Security.  It is disrupting the penetration testing market with an automated penetration testing platform, vPenTest.

The transition from traditional to automated penetration testing can represent a turning point for the security of small to medium sized businesses, enabling organizations who couldn’t afford to take cybersecurity seriously before to start performing security assessments on an ongoing basis at an affordable and fixed cost. 

Alton Johnson is the Founder and Principal Security Consultant for Vonahi Security. With over a decade of experience as a security consultant and over 13 industry-related certifications, Alton has helped CISOs at hundreds of small to Fortune 500 organizations requiring unique, modern-day approaches solve today’s most complex security challenges. Alton holds his OSCP and OSCE certifications and published over a dozen penetration testing tools, including some within Kali Linux and Metasploit.

Find out more about this exciting breakthrough by listening into this podcast, which can be downloaded at this link: