In today’s blog, we introduce the topic of how Biometrics can replace the password (sort of a segway off the IAM System).

The Importance Of Information In Business 

The information we possess at our company or place of business is one of the greatest assets that we can have, whether it is the customer database or market intelligence about our competitors.  However, as business owners, we tend to put much less emphasis on trying to protect this information from internal attacks than external attacks.  One of the greatest weaknesses and perhaps one of the greatest threats to our information are the employees themselves-especially the “clueless employees” who don’t mean real harm, but are not trained in proper security procedures.

This is particularly the case with the use of passwords, and the lack of password entropy.  For example, employees tend to leave their passwords on Post It Notes sticking to their computer monitor, or share their passwords with other employees.  Or, if your employee has access to multiple areas of information at your place of business, thus requiring multiple passwords, the chances for password misuse are greatly increased.

Also, passwords can be easily cracked, if your employees do not put enough creativity in creating them: such as using a birthdate, nickname, or even using the word “password” as a password itself.  As a result, this has increased the costs for password maintenance and reset.  In fact, the cost now to maintain a password for one employee is $250 per year.  While this may sound like a small amount, this cost can increase as your business grows and you have more employees.

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