In today’s blog, we continue with the theme of using Artificial Intelligence to fortify your  lines of defense.  Here we go:

Other advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity include the following:

  • It can detect and/or predict a Cyber threat in just less than 100 milliseconds.
  • It can detect Cyber threats which can affect any critical component of the IT Infrastructure, ranging from the hardware to the software applications to the memory systems and the databases.
  • It is constantly learning about the unique characteristics of Cyber threats and risks in real time, 24 X 7 X 365.
  • It offers a proactive stance to combatting Cyber threats, rather than a reactive This simply means that a business or a corporation can avoid the damage before it actually happens.
  • It utilizes a concept known as “Machine Learning”-meaning, it has the ability to change its learning techniques as it is being exposed to newer Cyber threat data.
  • It encompasses the concepts which are used in Data Warehousing. It can discover the most hidden trends in a large data set (which no human could possibly find) and make it relevant/useful to the situation at hand.
  • It can distinguish between intentional and unintentional risks. From here, the appropriate alarm bells can be set off (legacy security technologies do not possess this capability, so in this situation, even an unintentional action would still set off the alarm bells, wasting the critical time and resources of the IT Security staff).

In conclusion, the use of Artificial Intelligence will be probably the best form of security that a business entity can implement.  The level of sophistication of these tools is occurring on a daily basis.  But best of all, Artificial Intelligence Tools are very affordable to procure and implement-even the smallest of the SMBs can afford them.