Hey Everybody,

We all keep hearing about the need to be proactive about Cyebrsecurity, and how we need to be monitoring the threats and the alerts that we are getting.  But this can be an over burdensome task, because we keep getting so many of them.  So what can one do?

In today’s podcast, we find out about two new solutions that are available from Swan Island Networks.  Mr. Pete O’Dell has been Chief Executive Officer of Swan Island Networks since October 2015. Mr. O’Dell is a seasoned business executive, primarily in technology, security, and software.

Before joining Swan Island, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for a number of high growth startups and was  president of retail products for Autodesk.  He serves as a Director of Swan Island Networks. He is the author of Silver Bullets (interoperable data) and Cyber 24/7: Risks, Leadership, Sharing. 

TX360 and TX Global are 2 proactive risk services from Swan Island Networks.  Headquartered in Portland, OR, Swan Island works with corporations of all sizes to proactively monitor threat situations around the globe. 

Alerts are sent with proximity measures to your assets, and dashboards provide a constantly evolving coverage of all hazard events relative to your organization.  With service prices as low as $99, every company should be aware of emerging emergencies. 

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