Today’s security teams and professionals deal with threats and cyber attackers on a constant basis. There are daily fires to put out, as well as necessary forensics investigations to conduct to see what happened and how to mitigate future attacks. While advice for staying ahead of cyber threats abounds, most organizations struggle to keep pace in a consistently evolving threat landscape.

This is where Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions come into play as they go beyond simple automation, letting security operations teams rise above the daily firefighting. SOAR is an ideal counterpart to the burgeoning problem of having too many security tools, but not enough in-house talent to use them effectively.

 With SOAR, security operations teams can easily integrate disparate cybersecurity technologies and processes into a more consolidated and cohesive security ecosystem. As all analyst activity (automated and manual) is captured on a single platform, it lets them investigate, analyze and remediate alerts via a single interface.

Managers have access to metrics and analytics that can drive continuous improvement across people, process and technology, allowing security teams to work more efficiently against the growing onslaught of cyber threats.

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