Hey everybody,

In this podcast, we have the honor of interviewing Mr. Michael Petrov, the Founder and CEO of Digital Edge, Inc., a Cybersecurity company based out of New York City.

Educated as a Nuclear Engineer, Michael spent six years creating proprietary software platforms for the automation and monitoring processes of Nuclear Power Plants. Michael uses his experience and method of applying multiple layers of protection and defense to Information Technology Management and Security.

Michael believes that the current hysteria around Cybersecurity is mostly driven by marketing and doesn’t necessarily show the reality. Successful breaches aren’t very common but many security vendors use the fear to sell products that aren’t really necessary.

Building defense systems must be risk driven but also requires the understanding of your opponents. Michael thinks that understanding the hacker’s mindset, goals and techniques will improve reliabilities of cybersecurity programs as well as save a lot of money. What’s on the mind of the creators of cybersecurity weaponry? How will those weapons be used, who’s planning on using those weapons and how they plan on making money from the dark side?

Find out more, by clicking on this link:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/apollobiometrics/2019/05/11/how-to-understand-the-mindset-of-a-cyber-attacker