Hey Everybody,

We all have heard about the Amazon Web Services (AWS).  But what about Microsoft Azure?  Is this the same as the AWS?  Also, what is Office 365 all about?  Find out more about this from our podcast interview with Matt Katzer, the CEO of KAMIND IT, Inc.

He founded the business in 1998 as a way to supply Microsoft and Intel Technology solutions to assist with security concerns within organizations and become more prepared to defend against cybersecurity attacks.

Today KAMIND IT is a leader in cybersecurity advances, providing a dedicated security team, knowledgeable of new products/services and an In-House Security Operations Center; to defend an organization’s digital assets against cybercriminals and security breaches.

Listen in to this podcast at this link:https://www.blogtalkradio.com/apollobiometrics/2019/12/14/securing-organizations-neutralizing-cybersecurity-threats