Hey Everybody,

We have had a lot of podcasts on Pen Testing . . . but this one is different, because we have interviewed Greg Johnson, the CEO Webcheck Security. Greg started this company on his own, so we get the unique perspective of Pen Testing from an entrepreneur.

Greg Johnson started Webcheck Security after a long sales and management career with technology companies such as WordPerfect/Novell, SecurityMetrics and A-LIGN.   He loves people and providing solutions with integrity. A BYU graduate, Greg began his career in the days of 64k 5.25” floppy drives and Mac 128k’s. As the industry evolved, Greg moved into the cyber arena and learned a great deal about cyber controls, compliance, data breach and response, and in 2016 earned his PCIP or PCI Professional designation. 

Find out more listening onto the podcast at the below link: