Hey Everybody,

We all have heard of Encryption, which is the scrambling/descrambling of information so that it is rendered useless if it were to be intercepted by a Cyberattacker.  There is a lot of theory and mathematics that go behind this, but in today’s podcast, we look at this in the real world.

WinMagic focuses on intelligent solutions for everything encryption, securing data at rest globally by providing or managing full disk and file, and other forms of data encryption, through high standards and strong ethics.  Hear from Garry McCracken as we ask him how to make a safer world  through cryptography and encryption. 

Garry has more than 30 years of experience in data communications and information security. He has been responsible for the development of WinMagic’s full-disk encryption solutions for desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices. More recently he has focused on forming partnerships to incorporate new technologies into WinMagic solutions. Prior to working at WinMagic, Garry was Vice President at Kasten Chase, where he played a key role in assuring the company’s compliance with strict security standards.

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