On this President’s Day, we finish with the theme of using your fingerprint or iris to replace your password.  We continue with our example from yesterday:

In terms of price, there will be costs associated with implementing a single sign on solution, but bigger gains can be realized in the long term.  For example, to implement five fingerprint readers (for five Point of Sale systems) at this retail store would cost about $750 (going on the assumption of $150/unit).

The costs associated with password administration would be $2,500 per year (for 10 employees, going on the assumption that the average cost of password administration is $250 per year per employee).  Thus, you the business owner, would realize a savings of $1,750 per year.

In terms of convenience, there is much to be gained.  The enrollment and verification processes occur very quickly, with the proper training given to your employees.  In fact, verification can take less than one second, which is obviously much quicker than typing in a username and password at the Point of Sale system.

This can be a great benefit during the peak times of retail business, when your customers need you the most.  For example, as the check out lines build up, your employees will be wasting time in typing their username and password.  And if they have forgotten their password, you will have to go back to your office to administer a password reset.

With a fingerprint sign on solution, this wasted time will be eliminated, your employees can process transactions faster, and as the owner of the retail business, you can devote much more time and energy to your valuable customers.  Password administration in itself can also be a hassle and a time consuming process.

As the business owner, you have to actually write the password security policy, implement it, and make sure it is enforced.  With a fingerprint single sign on solution, all of this is eliminated.  Finally, single sign on solutions come right out of the package-meaning they can be very easily installed for local authentication.  The entire installation process can be thought of as “Plug and Play.”

Although passwords have been the de facto standard for login credentials, its days are numbered by using your iris or fingerprint!!!