More Engineering Points to Consider in Biometrics

In a stand alone mode, enrollment and verification will usually happen very quickly.  But in a networked environment, enrollment and verification will be much  slower, because transmission of data over the network will increase the transaction times.  This will be a focal point in the article which will review “multi-modal” biometric security systems.

Finally, as the business owner, you need to choose a biometric system which is least susceptible to privacy rights issues.  This could very well be an issue with your employees as the biometric system is implemented.  For physical access entry applications, with respect to small and medium sized businesses, hand geometry scanners and fingerprint scanners will probably be suitable enough.

Also, these two biometric technologies are the least prone to privacy rights issues, as they have been around the longest.  However, if you are planning to implement a higher scale biometric system such as facial scanning or iris scanning, the privacy rights issues will be much greater among your employees.

In summary, we have looked at some of the factors you need to take into consideration before you implement a biometric system at your place of business.  Stay tuned now for the social issues.